English language coach in Barcelona


I offer dynamic, communication-centered classes tailored to the specific needs of the individual or group in each class. Our first meeting is a chance for us to identify the specific skills that you need to hone for the environments and situations in which you will be using your English.

This means that we work on exactly what you need most, be it conversation, public speaking, email writing, classroom interaction, interviews, etc.– all for your specific context (medicine, law, urban planning, academic settings, international travel–wherever you go or whatever you do in English).

While correct grammar and precise vocabulary are always important, good English classes are not based solely around those things. Good classes are based on the specific communication needs of each individual student—based on your professional, social and even spiritual interests.

With me you’ll learn to:

  • - make small talk with new acquaintances.
  • - ask and answer questions related to personal interests and professions.
  • - address groups.
  • - express yourself clearly and comfortably in social and professional situations of any kind.
  • - communicate effectively through different medium: telephone, emails, social media, teleconferencing.

If your English is good, then together we can make it great. We can polish your conversation, public speaking and presentations skills.

For classes with children, I am adept at focusing on the topics and communication needs that best suit each child or group of children, based on their age, intellectual range and personality.

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