English language coach in Barcelona


This is your opportunity to learn to speak English quickly and easily with individual or group classes.

I use efficient specialized teaching strategies that will get you to talking, from our very first meeting, comfortably and fluently without stress or headaches.

These strategies include:

  • - Special emphasis on using intonation to your advantage.
  • - Incorporating gestures and movement to help you speak more fluently.
  • - Concepts borrowed from Personal Coaching to motivate and increase confidence.
  • - Silent correction from the teacher to keep you in the flow.
  • - Tricks for consolidating new vocabulary and grammar.
  • - Class content based specifically on your needs, or the needs of the group.

I’m a teacher with whom you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed, yet stimulated and motivated. With the perfect balance of warmth and exigency I will guide you to fluency!

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