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Learn to speak English quickly and easily with individual or group classes.


We work on exactly what you need most, be it conversation, public speaking, email writing, classroom interaction, interviews.  (+)

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Efficient specialized teaching strategies that will get you talking right away. With the perfect balance of warmth and exigency I will guide you to fluency!  (+)

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Almost 20 years experience teaching English in Barcelona, and I still have the passion and enthusiasm for language teaching.  (+)

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About me

From San Francisco to Barcelona. Keeping up on world events and the American political scene are my passions.

So, I grew up in San Francisco, California. I moved to Barcelona in 1995. Now, I’m married and the mother of two, with a home near Parc Güell, and apart from my family, some of my biggest passions are keeping up on world events and the American political scene; learning languages myself, which means that I empathize perfectly with the frustrations and the joys of EFL students; reading about scientific research as it applies to the human experience (the science of exercise, neuroscience for language acquisition, and nutrition are my favorites); trying to stay in shape –jogging, the gym, lots of walking. But it’s not so simple, because what I love even more is… sitting around the table with friends over a nice bottle of red wine, and a plate of jamon de bellota. And last but not least, I love playing with my Apple devices ! (I play a mean game of Aworded).


“Tenía mi inglés oxidado antes de trabajar con Catrine, pero ella me ha ayudado a recordar con facilidad fórmulas de aprendizaje. Su nivel de implicación la hace muy efectiva como professora. Las clases son muy interactivas.” (M.F., research market specialist)

“M’agraden molt les classes amb la Catrine. Aprenc molt i m’ho passo molt bé! Sempre em parla en anglès i treballem estructures parlant de coses que conec. Aprens parlant de coses de la vida quotidiana.” (Berta P. A., elementary school student, age 11)

“Catrine’s classes are very dynamic and she uses interesting and fun material. She makes you talk more than other teachers, and gets you to correct your owe mistakes. She really keeps you on your toes throughout the class.” (Adam Alonso, I.T. manager)

“I was too embarrassed to talk before working with Catrine, but she has given me confidence and I now I speak English—really speak it!, which I didn’t before. I knew a lot of English, but didn’t have the skills to use it. She has great energy as a teacher, dynamic and fun. She’s different from other teachers in that she knows how to stimulate learning on a deep brain level.” (A.L.P., front office manager at a multinational market research firm)

In Catrine’s classes time flies! They are so dynamic that you never get bored. She is flexible. Catrine always focuses the training program on your needs, whatever you feel you are weak on with your English. She has the capability to quick identify an individual’s weaknesses and pro-activity to make suggestions to you for the improvement and this is what I like the most from her teaching program. Sometimes our classes are big, other days we just have a couple of students, but it doesn’t matter what size the classes are– Catrine always has resources to make the class continuously work. She gives you simple but helpful tips and ideas to manage at work with the language and practice our English any time during the day. She’s warm and kind and makes you feel confident during the class sessions.” (Mari Carmen Rodriguez, Financial Controller MCR)

“Catrine Bergeron es una profesora competente , simpática y amable. Durante sus clases he mejorado mi nivel de inglés fundamentalmente en el uso cotidiano del idioma y expresión oral. He perdido la “vergüenza” a hablar en inglés. Catrine se adapta a tus intereses enfocando la clase a tus necesidades de aprendizaje y dando a sus clases un carácter divertido y distendido.” (B.M., medical doctor, specialized in anesthesia)

“Al ser una profesora nativa, en todas las clases he aprendido alguna expresión que no sabía típica de allí.Es una profesora efectiva ya que te da seguridad, y te hace perder el miedo a equivocarte, por tanto aprendes de los errores a la par que disfrutas del inglés. Como ella es una persona muy dinámica y extrovertida, las clases resultan fáciles y agradables. Me ayudó a sacar un 10 en mi T.R.” (M.R., high school student)

Catrine es bastante diferente de otros profesores de inglés que he tenido, tanto a nivel de su implicación con los alumnos como a nivel de su metodología de enseñanza: muy dinámica, integradora, divertida, etc. Lo que más me gusta del estilo de Catrine es su forma de enseñar, como el uso de recursos mnemotécnicos para aprender, que te ayuden a que sean cosas que no olvides jamás. Su dinamismo y su ganas de enseñar hacen que difrutes mucho cada clase. Sin ella no habría tenido avances… y si no lo practicase, probablemente habría tenido involución en mi nivel de inglés.” (Olga M.A., market research specialist)

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On 08 Feb 2016

By Catrine

With 1 comment

So, here I am, after a week of not writing. It's Monday morning, which could be a bit of a downer, but with the vocabulary tips I'm going to give you here, you're going to start this week on a high note. So,  a few months ago... back in September, I posted a vocabulary lesson on my Facebook page ...

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Teaching English to the people of Barcelona is a pleasure, a privilege, a challenge, and for me, a whole lot of fun!

I want to thank so many people. I’ve had soooo many great students over the years, and if I could, I would mention all of you. So I’m just going to start naming names, in no particular order, except the first, who has been my husband since 2001. (We didn’t start dating until the semester was over, for all you ethicists out there!)

Marc, Javier and Marta, Jaume (thank you for opening the doors to Sant Pau for me!) Gemma and Dani, Pradi, Pere, Fina and Bea, Miren, Pilar, Mariluz, and Xavi, Alfonso, Alfredo, Mar, Ana, Cristina. To all my students at the IEN – Lluis, especially to you! Arrate, Marina, Berta, Josep. To all my students at BM – Mariajo, especially to you! Igone, Izascun and Desi, Marta and Miguel Angel. Alicia Stiglitz, Ramon and Frank, Josep Maria and Marta, Montserrat, Gaby, Alicia, Marta, Josep, Miriam, Anna, Ona, Raquel, Paco, Julia, Anna, Nuria, Maria, Gustavo, Elena and Jordi, Maria Jacopo, Omid, Charo, Fran, Maica, Laura, Marianna, Gina, Josep, Joan, Mila, Marina, Míriam, Alicia, Sara, Manmen and Marilo. To all my students at MB – Ileana, Alex, Dani, Barbara, Mari Carmen, Carmen, Monica, Monica, Monica, Javier, Olga, Lluis, Mariona, Michelle, Elaine, Camila, Pilar, Jorge, Jose Manuel, Antonia, Laura, Cristina, Mercedes, Rosa, Ainhoa, Marta, Laura, Isabelle, Sara, Ingrid, Maribel, Adam, Flavia.

My students are, of course, a huge part of my success as a EFL teacher, but I also want to thank a few others who have given me special support in my profession.

Shera Sever, Patrick Collman, Rachel Playfair, Elena Fernandez, Elena Rovira, Anna Bach, Xavi Malet, Ellen Bergeron, Ginny Fitch, Mary Kopecky, Doris Stanger, Ignasi Viader and Monts Romagosa.

And lastly, I would like to give a special thanks to some of MY best teachers, who were the original inspiration for everything that I do professionally speaking.

Mr. Pringle at Rooftop Elementary School, Ms. Fuller at Lowell High School, Claudio Concin at San Francisco City College, Elisabetta Nelsen and Eddie Williams at San Francisco State University and Krystel Nyami, here in Barcelona.

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